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Tipping Competition

NRL Tipping

AFL Tipping


Entry Fee
This competition is free to enter.

Points for a correctly tipped win: 2
A maximum of 1 draw may be tipped each round.
Points for a correctly tipped draw: 4
Points for an untipped draw: 1
Bonus awarded for all games correct: 4
Points deducted for all games incorrect: 4

The competition is scored by score then by "countback".
Countback - If tippers are on an equal score, the tipper
with more higher scoring rounds (excluding bonus points) will be ranked higher.

Default Tips
For tippers who fail to enter their tips, a default of the lowest score of the round will be applied.
For tippers who join the competition late, a default of the lowest score of the round will be applied for the rounds they have missed.

Weekly Prize
There is no weekly prize.

Expected Prizes
1st$500.00, 2nd$200.00, 3rd$100.00



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